tijuana taxi bean dip


Here’s what I whipped up for our lunch today. Delicious, spicy and satisfying. Serve with your favorite tortilla chips! The great northern beans naturally mash up during the mixing process, lending a smooth texture that combines well with the other ingredients and makes this dip yummy and interesting. I use all low-sodium options for my…

boyfriend bruschetta


My friend Kristina gave me a recipe for “boyfriend chicken” a few weeks back. She told me it’s called that because it’s her “go-to” recipe for impressing new boyfriends. I think that’s adorable. Between this, and all of the recipes entitled “boyfriend bait”  floating around on Pinterest these days, I decided to come up with…

one ingredient magic banana ice cream


This is such an awesome recipe! I couldn’t believe how creamy it turned out. It tastes just like real ice cream. This really works, folks. One ingredient. I kid you not. serves 4 to 6 6 large, ripe bananas Cut bananas into small pieces and place them on plates in one layer. Place the plates…

italian crock pot roast


Yesterday I pretty much just took the day off. My daughter Andrea visited and brought the grand girls with her. We hung out, had tea, made THIS for lunch, chatted, cut recipes out of old magazines while the the girls colored, and watched 5 Maurice Sendak books on DVD (including In the Night Kitchen and…

apple cinnamon vanilla bread pudding {crock pot recipe}


I spent the whole day doing some much needed spring cleaning. Now I just want to relax and watch something on Netflix. But, before I do, I need to share this recipe with you. This makes the whole house smell like apples and cinnamon while it slow cooks in your Crock Pot. The best aromatherapy…

strawberry banana malt smoothie


I’m an ice cream lover. I don’t know many people who aren’t, come to think of it. But lately, with the whole diet change thing, I haven’t been indulging in that high fat, high calorie, high sugar treat very often. Once in awhile is fine, but I crave something sweet, cold and creamy every day!…