scenes from the past few weeks


We’ve been patiently anticipating warm weather, and slowly but surely it is bound to arrive. It just has to. In the mean time we’ve been pre-spring cleaning and relishing the comforts of the fireplace, and quilts, and hearty, warm foods like stews, casseroles and baked stuff. We’ve gone out on little weekend jaunts and enjoyed…

carnivor cabernet sauvignon {wine tasting notes}


BOLD, REFINED, SMOOTHNESS. “Just as Cabernet Sauvignon, the “King of Reds,” resides in the upper echelons of the wine world, the carnivore sits atop the food chain. Inspired by these two kings, we created Carnivor, a sophisticated wine whose bold, intense flavor is matched by a refined smoothness. #DEVOURLIFE AVAILABLE IN SELECT HIGH BROW AND…

spicy thai peanut chicken wrap


Here’s a healthy, spicy sandwich wrap that tastes great with roasted sweet potato wedges or a handful of Terra chips. If you make one wrap, and serve each half with a cup of soup, (this is a good one) then the wrap is sharable. for 2 whole sandwich wraps (4 halves) 2 Tablespoons peanut butter…

tijuana taxi bean dip


Here’s what I whipped up for our lunch today. Delicious, spicy and satisfying. Serve with your favorite tortilla chips! The great northern beans naturally mash up during the mixing process, lending a smooth texture that combines well with the other ingredients and makes this dip yummy and interesting. I use all low-sodium options for my…

boyfriend bruschetta


My friend Kristina gave me a recipe for “boyfriend chicken” a few weeks back. She told me it’s called that because it’s her “go-to” recipe for impressing new boyfriends. I think that’s adorable. Between this, and all of the recipes entitled “boyfriend bait”  floating around on Pinterest these days, I decided to come up with…