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blueberry cheesecake jars


Hello Lovelies! Are you all excited for Christmas? Oh my. So much preparation and baking and gift wrapping around here these days it’s beginning to look like Santa’s work shop. We enjoyed an awesome weekend. Saturday was spent going “over the river and through the woods” to Grandpa Grape’s (Greg’s) house. We brought appetizers and…

cranberry orange poinsettia coffee cake


A lazy, lazy day here at our house. After the flurry of decorating and cooking yesterday, I’m taking a break. Lots of tea sipping and reading under a blanket while a fire dances in the fireplace. Tonight’s dinner… leftover turkey soup with rice, crock pot roast, a simple baby spinach salad… and if anyone wants…

frosted cranberries


We’re not venturing out as much as we were even a couple weeks ago. The temperature has dipped below zero a few times, and it would seem that hibernating season has officially begun. I love this time of year because it causes us to focus on home. Our little nest. We’ve been slowly but surely…

chicken chablis dijon


Tonight I’m making a big batch of homemade Irish Cream and we’re decorating our Christmas tree. I just love this festive time of year, being inside our cozy little cottage, snuggled around the fire, while the snow falls outside. These are bread baking, soup simmering, candle lighting, cocoa and tea sipping, quilt cuddling days. How…

savory apple stuffing chicken


This is one of those dishes I’ve never shared because it’s so easy I just assumed everyone already knew about it. It’s loosely adapted from a recipe I got off the back of a Stove Top Stuffing box. I played with the recipe, doctored it a smidge, and made it my own. If you’re in…

rose petal salad


Today Gracie and I strolled downtown to do some antiquing and we found a few awesome treasures. I promise I’ll share photos soon. We popped into the little Mexican grocery store on the corner of Plum and Main to order the ingredients for fresh tamales. (I can’t wait to share my recipe with you…) and…

ginger chicken phyllo cups


Happy TeaTime Tuesday! Here’s a recipe I promised you a loooooong time ago… from  a Mad Hatter Tea Party I hosted back in 2010 . These little teatime savories are the perfect addition to a tea tray, and a good way to use up any leftovers you may have when you make my Hawaiian Cold…

crockpot parmesan garlic herb bread


You may be asking yourself why anyone would attempt to make bread in a crockpot. When I heard about using pre-made bread dough to make dinner rolls this way, I asked myself the same question. Crockpot bread is not something you leave cooking all day when you go to the office. You have to keep…

elderflower fizz spritzer


Days seem to be passing very quickly lately. I’ve been working on creative things, puttering around my house and getting absorbed in the minute details. I will cook or bake something, take photos of it, edit the photos and sometimes that’s all I get done in a day. Other days I can obsess over one…